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Therapy services

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We offer inpatient services at Russells Hall Hospital and outpatient services at Russells Hall Hospital, Corbett Hospital, and Guest Hospital, alongside numerous community locations and GP surgeries across Dudley Borough.

Inpatient services

Inpatient therapy services include both occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Our aim is to help and support you to regain your ability to complete the things you need to do every day, restoring function and promoting your independence.

This may include helping you to get mobile again, guiding and supporting you through an exercise programme to increase your strength or practising getting up and down the stairs. You may also need to practice getting yourself in and out of bed, getting washed and dressed, preparing hot drinks and meals, any other tasks you may find difficult following an illness or surgery. This is all aimed at getting you home to live safely and as independently as possible.

We will also discuss your home environment with you, as you may need some adaptions or specialist equipment to help you undertake everyday tasks whilst you recover from your stay in hospital.

To assist with your rehab in hospital, it would be helpful if you brought clothes and well-fitting shoes with you or asked a family member to bring some in for you.

Acute outpatient services

For occupational therapy we offer hand therapy rehabilitation for patients, who have had a hand injury or surgery, this may include an exercise programme and specialist splinting. We also have specialist in rheumatoid arthritis who aim to help educate and manage the condition.

For physiotherapy outpatient service we provide assessment and management of patients with a variety of conditions following injury or surgery. This can involve a combination of Education and advice, exercise therapy, electrotherapy or hydrotherapy.

All outpatient appointments are via referral only by a consultant or clinical nurse specialist.

Community Musculoskeletal & Physiotherapy Service (CMAPS)

The CMAPS service provides physiotherapy care to patients across Dudley who have either developed or are managing a musculoskeletal condition such as osteoarthritis, back pain, injuries sustained after an accident, work related conditions & sporting injuries. The service consists of three strands that are explained in the information below. The service aim is to ensure that anyone with a musculoskeletal complaint can access the right clinician at the earliest point in their journey and is then subsequently supported within the service in a timely manner. The service prides itself on embracing innovative practice & technology to delivering high quality care within an environment that is accessible for individual patient needs.


The FCP practitioner role is to offer a specialist assessment, early treatment, and advice when appropriate. If more support or a specialist opinion is required the FCP can refer on to other services as required. The FCP role aims to increase GP capacity by seeing patients instead of the GP at the start of the pathway.


The physiotherapist role is to provide rehabilitation, typically if the complaint has not been resolved after 6 weeks. Physiotherapy can provide rehabilitation, group exercises (i.e. ESCAPE for knee and hip OA, hands on treatment, acupucture, and injections when conservative treatment has failed.

Specialist assessment

The advanced physiotherapy role is to provide a specialist assessment when physiotherapy has not resolved the complaint. The advanced physiotherapists can organise further investigations such as MRI scans and refer into the Midlands Orthopaedic Centre for consultant opinion.

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