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Once you have been told you require an operation by your vascular surgeon, you will need to undergo a full pre-operative assessment to determine your fitness for an anaesthetic.

The preoperative assessment process will take approximately 1–2 hours. This will depend on whether you have other medical problems or complex needs. In these instances, you may need to be seen by a consultant anaesthetist for further discussion.

Where and when do I attend for my pre-operative assessment?

We offer a consultant-led pre-operative assessment service for all patients undergoing surgery. Pre-operative assessment clinics (PAC) are held daily at Russells Hall Hospital, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 0800-18:30. At your surgical clinic appointment, you will be given an information leaflet providing you with details about your pre-operative assessment.

What to expect during your appointment

It is very important that you attend PAC, as we will not be able to go ahead with your operation until this has been completed. Most patients spend 1-2 hours at their PAC appointment. On arrival, you will need to complete a medical screening questionnaire. Please bring glasses with you (if required) and a full list of any prescribed medication. We will measure your height, weight, and measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

You will be seen by one of our pre-operative assessment nurses, who will give you information about what to bring on the day of your surgery, where to attend and instructions for when to eat/drink/what medicines to take on the day. Some patients will need to have blood tests and an electrocardiogram (tracing of your heart).

Depending on your medical history, you may need to see one of our consultant anaesthetists to discuss what your anaesthetic may involve and what to expect during and after your operation. We have experienced anaesthetists in PAC who will be able to give you specific advice and answer any questions. You will be given information about what to do in the run up to your operation and what you can do in the time leading up to surgery to ensure you are fitter and well prepared.

Our aim is to ensure that you are as fit as possible before your operation. Therefore, you may require further tests or treatment after this appointment.

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