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Joint education

Joint education class

The joint school education class is an essential part of the enhanced recovery programme. This will take place prior to your surgery with the consultant nurse and the advanced nurse practitioner, where you will receive information and education on how to prepare for:

  • Your hospital stay
  • Your surgery
  • Your rehabilitation
  • Your recovery and aftercare

You also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Here you will find relevant information which will help you through your joint replacement journey:

What is the enhanced recovery programme?

Our enhanced recovery program speeds up recovery and decreases the length of time patients need to spend in hospital. We provide consultant nurse-led classes for patients about to undergo hip and knee surgery, ensuring they are given all the necessary information ahead of surgery on what to expect.

Thanks to improvements in surgical and anaesthetic techniques over the years, it has been possible to reduce the length of stay in hospital for this type of surgery. We have now progressed towards day case joint replacement surgery for suitable patients with a comprehensive recovery package available in their own home. Our first day case knee replacement occurred in October 2019.

You can read more about it in the information booklet enhanced recovery programme for total hip and knee replacement.

Help line

If you have any queries you can phone the Orthopaedic Advisory Line on 01384 456111 ext 4465 (Monday-Friday, 8-4pm) or Ward B1 on 01384 244692 (out of hours).

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